Thursday, August 11, 2011


Last week, Ionia began a community-wide game of Assassin. The objective of the game is to kill as many people as possible, with no witnesses, without getting killed yourself- everyone has a victim and a murderer (when the game is designed properly. When it's not, there tents to be dead-ends when two people are end up having each other). The first day, 33 people on the property were involved and none of them would walk alone. There was a lot of paranoia going around. Rose killed two people within the first half hour of the game and at the time of this post is STILL ALIVE. Melanie was killed by the betrayal of a friend the second day. As of now, there are five people playing but nobody is really trying anymore, EVEN THOUGH the prize is a wild-berry pie! 

While the game was on, a bunch of us visited the home-in-progress of Ionia's neighbors, Willow and Kelly. They are building an Earth Ship, a house built using mostly recycled and recovered materials and utilizing natural light and heat. Willow and Kelly are building their home using old tires packed with dirt to retain heat, and south-facing walls made of windows and glass bottles in mortar to allow in light. They plan to supplement the natural heat with a wood stove in the middle of their living space, allowing their entire home to be warm enough to grow tropical fruit trees inside. We helped remove the tops of glass bottles for the wall and crushed found Styrofoam to mix with concrete for the mortar. Also, they had a Great Dane named Merlin who was actually the height of an average 8-year-old child. We loved him. 

Glass bottle wall
South America?

The gang on what will become the second story

The view from the Earth Ship

Friday we volunteered in the morning at a music festival in Ninilchik called Salmonstock, in order to get a free ticket for the day. The objective of the festival was to raise awareness about the environmental issues connected with the salmon population. One such prospective problem is the Pebble Mine, which is a proposed copper and gold mine in the Bristol Bay watershed area, one of the largest annual salmon runs in the world. If this area does open for mining, the effluent from the mining processes might enter the water and severely damage the salmon populations, on which a large portion of the local economy relies. The volunteer work they had us do was so much fun- Melanie got a chance to use power tools and Rose decorated for an extraordinarily picky minor celebrity. For example, he had a page-long list of thing he required in his dressing and relaxation area. It included a private space separate from his band where he could meditate, twelve cans of Dr. Pepper and a box of Cheese-Its, among many others. Too bad no one has ever heard of him. Once we were free from the chains of responsibility we went to enjoy the great weather, check out the vendors, where Melanie found a sweet pair of earrings, and listen to the music. One of the most interesting acts was a group of Alaskan natives who performed a traditional hunting song and dance, and then taught it to the audience. We can both now do the Dance of the Squirrel Hunt. After some fish and chips and more really fun, but less structured, dancing, we got a ride out of there. We stopped on the way back to watch an amazing sunset over the mountains. Unfortunately Rose's camera was on the fritz so the magnificence could not be captured.
The main stage
Dave the awesome chef who gave Rose and Irene cookies
Doing the Squirrel Hunt Dance

Later that night we went over to Dean's fish camp to hang out with the awesome people there who had brought us fishing. They had a huge bonfire going and we brought snacks (kindly provided by Mama Santo). Then we went in their sauna for a while and then we JUMPED INTO THE OCEAN. Surprisingly, (or maybe not if you consider how long we were in the sauna) the water really didn't feel that cold. The only bad part was half-crawling up the super rocky beach on the way back. For some reason it didn't hurt our feet on the way down, maybe because we were so relaxed from the heat. 

On Sunday Ionia got a visit from the circus- and it was awesome. There was a band, acrobats, sword swallowers, knot-tiers, and lots of jugglers. There were so many jugglers present that they actually had enough to form a game of juggling volleyball. Each player had two juggling pins in their hands, and one extra was thrown over the net, to be caught and integrated into the juggling of the catcher. It was a sight to see. After their performance the members of the circus spread out across the lawn and gave workshops on their special skills. Unfortunately Rose had to sneak away for an interview, but she at least got to learn a cool knot trick and have a few goes on a slack line. 

James, an awesome guy who's been visiting Ionia for much of the time that we've been here, gave a salsa dancing workshop, which was so fun. We learned the basic step and a few fancy moves. It was really fun to partner up and be led around, even though some of the leaders might not have showered in a few days. It really wasn't so bad if you didn't breathe. Today we also learned how to make tofu in small batches, which is really easy and manageable, and we can't wait to do at home. What with all the cool people here, the days have been packed with cool workshops and lessons. We now know how to make tofu, tempeh and seitan, dance salsa, and give shiatsu massages. Melanie has been getting a little instruction from James on how to play the upright bass (and dazzling everyone with her natural talent) and Rose has been learning a few new poi (weight spinning, often set on fire! but not when practicing in our log cabin) tricks from him too. There have been rumors of a square dance coming up, so that might also have to be added to our list of new skills. 

Unfortunately, today the WWOOFer Girl Army lost one of its ranks. To Rachel, if you read this: We miss you and we hope you have an awesome time eating your mom's pizza and learning how to be an RA. We will see each other soon.  Hope your finger is healing well!

Also, in the next few days we are going to get together a trip to Denali- it should be amazing!

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